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Being the first international incentive that this tyre manufacturer had run for its dealers in a number of years, it was really important that the program drove engagement and sales results, and strengthen bonds with their brand.

France was strategically chosen given it’s the lifeblood of our client, with the small town of Clermont-Ferrand at its heart. The location would showcase all the beauty and delights of France, and share the company’s proud history and traditions.

Success comes with challenges!

Over the course of the incentive period, the travel event gained terrific traction with the Dealers, to such a point, that the number of qualifiers doubled. This was a fantastic result for our client, but a result that meant that every single component of the program had to be changed just three months out from the travel date in order to cater for the increased numbers. This required Solterbeck to:

  • Completely redevelop the program
  • Work closely with supplier partners locally and internationally to check availability, re-book venues and functions, and negotiate cancellations to incur no penalties
  • Make additional travel bookings, including purchasing extra train tickets and flights, negotiating prices and coordinating group travel
  • Minimise cost implications at every point.

In Paris, the selected hotel advised that they didn’t have additional rooms. However, based on our strong relationship both with the hotel and their global sales team, we were able to have rooms released for our group booking, and secured every room we needed, for the original room price.

Extension travel

Over 60% of the group chose to extend through Europe. Requirements ranged from a single flight change to a full European itinerary. Solterbeck organised all bespoke extension travel arrangements…

  • Including planes, trains, automobiles, cruises, VIP experiences and tours
  • To 21 destinations – Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Doha, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Avignon, Amsterdam, Rome, London, Venice, Florence, Warsaw, Krakow, Istanbul, Athens, Dublin, Basel, Paris, Barcelona.
  • Including multiple stop itineraries – up to five stops for some couples!