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We’re proud to be supporting Event Here This Year, an initiative launched by Business Events Australia, and we’ll be hosting multiple programs right here on Australian soil throughout 2020. However, we know that deciding on destinations and planning for international programs can take well up to 1, or even 2, years and that doesn’t stop while we support Australia. If you’re looking to go offshore in 2021 or beyond, getting ahead of the destination options early is a key part of good planning.

With 195 countries around the globe and endless cities to explore it can be hard to choose the right place to take employees on a corporate incentive travel program. We think it’s important to take our clients to accessible, safe and stimulating destinations, so we’ve rounded up the top 5 destinations we’re really excited about for 2021. We’ve also included some creative ideas to bring each destination to life!

Let’s explore:


Go undercover in Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world, is an intriguing destination with a varied history. The Winter Palace, home to the Tsars until 1881, is a physical testament to the resilience of Russia through the ages. The country’s intricate history extends from the Mongol invasions to the rise and fall of the Soviet Union and the rapid modernisation of Russia today.

Since the 1950’s the world has been captivated by the mysterious KGB, the real-life Russian spy agency. Explore St. Petersburg with a bespoke spy mission. Visit iconic locations across the city while picking up clues and completing challenges such as code breaking and listening to bugs to complete the mission. Finish the day with an exclusive dinner at one of the biggest artillery museums in the world or a private night visit to the Winter Palace.

If outer space is more your style, train your attendees like a cosmonaut! Head to the Yuri Gargarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in the aptly named Star City, near Moscow. Organise for your attendees to meet a real cosmonaut and use the training equipment at the facility, working on team building and problem solving skills while creating once in a life time memories. 


Sustainable Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is Asia’s best destination to visit in 2020 according to CNN Travel and Conde Nast Traveller. This tropical island is culturally diverse with a captivating history and exquisite natural scenery. Sri Lanka is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites and 14 national parks, providing a wealth of opportunities for spectacular events and rewarding CSR activities with unique indigenous wildlife.

With Sri Lanka’s slowly developing infrastructure, an event management company who has relationships with a destination management company is vital. Avoid the slow motorways and explore Sri Lanka by private helicopter or seaplane, giving your attendees an aerial view of glorious green jungles, stretching rice paddies and aqua oceans meeting incredible white sand beaches.

For companies focused on sustainability and reducing their travel impact, Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and cultural philosophies are ideal. The country has a strong focus on eco-tourism with a wealth of luxury eco-resorts. Pair this with wellness activities and your attendees will be feeling accomplished and relaxed in no time.


Meet the friendly locals in Oman

For a country with a history dating back to 3000 BC, Oman’s land is unspoilt and full of natural beauty. It was the birthplace of the Queen of Sheba and the last resting place of the prophet Job. Oman is home to bustling souqs, underground caves and some of the best scuba diving in the world. The country delivers the elegance and authenticity of Arabia, catering to sophisticated tastes with a solid offering of luxury products and services.

Show your attendees that they’re VIPs: meet them at the airport with a traditional welcome of rose-water sprinklers and frankincense burners, accompanied by the music of an Oud player or an Omani band with dancers and drummers.

Host a dinner in one of the many forts that have kept Omani’s safe for hundreds of years. Bring in a top chef and cater with traditional food served by professional and friendly Omani locals. Invite a Kumma (hat) tailor and a silver Khanjar handicrafts person to craft the local symbols of Oman in-person, and present it as a gift to attendees.

Spend a night glamping in the red and white sand dunes of the Wahiba Wilderness, take a 4×4 and experience the exhilaration of launching over peaks, swimming in the aquamarine pools at Wadi Bani Khalid and play a tournament of desert volleyball. Ride a camel to the home of a Bedouin tribe family for coffee, known for their hospitality and knowledge of the sand dunes.


Try the technology in Tokyo

Japan, a country ruled by tradition, is at the forefront of innovation. Tokyo is the hub for business, finance, and state of the art technology, and is home to many pop-culture icons, including ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ and ‘Kill Bill’. In contrast, the history and customs of Japan are intricately weaved into all activities: from polite queuing to bowing and gift-giving, you can make your employees truly feel like VIPs with Japanese hospitality.

Take attendees on a fuel-injected adrenalin rush at the Robot Restaurant – commission a custom show of flashing lights, taiko drums, glitzy girls, techno music and robots, all while dining on traditional Japanese cuisine. For a more sophisticated affair, dine with millionaires at the Roppongi Hills Club, one of Tokyo’s most exclusive, members-only clubs located 200 metres above the city on the 51st floor of the Mori Tower building. For a truly immersive tech experience, book out the teamLab Borderless exhibit, where art has no boundaries.

If you’re not much of a tech-head, Tokyo still delights. Race Go Karts through the streets of the city dressed as your favourite Nintendo character, watch a sumo wrestling match or a Geisha performance, bathe in a Japanese hot spring – an onsen, and purchase some upmarket gifts at the Ginza.

Tokyo will be home to the 2020 Summer Olympics, bringing new infrastructure and a refreshed tourism offering. If you’re willing to fork out some money, this would be an incredible time to visit Japan. However, the new infrastructure will still be there beyond the Olympics and prices will drop heading into 2021.


Step through time in Morocco

Morocco holds an immediate and enduring fascination for many travellers, and no wonder, it’s a kingdom of wonders that has so much to offer. Four different mountain ranges march across the land, while long golden beaches line a coast which borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco has been under the influence of many different powerful empires across its history that have had an impact on its culture. Experience Morocco’s history through a custom itinerary full of unique locations that will transport attendees through time. As each empire took power, a new capital was built to mark their reign. Explore the imperial cities of Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes guided by local guides dressed in each city’s historical clothing, accompanied by carefully curated performances, dining and gifts that showcase significant time periods. Show your attendees the colourful palaces and crowded medinas. Take them on a journey with archaeological sites, beautiful palaces, and mosques. 

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